PrepaidGiftBalance Visa Card Mastercard

Prepaid Gift Cards are very useful for making small payments or when you don’t have enough cash. The US Bank National Association issues these gift cards to the customers. There are two variants of the cards that the users can choose from. Hence, in this post on PrepaidGiftBalance Visa Card Mastercard, we are going to discuss the basics of the Prepaid Gift Card.

PrepaidGiftBalance is a way to check the remaining balance on your card. You see, there is a credit limit on the Gift Card as to how much you can spend on purchases. Once that limit is over, you may have to top it up again. You can use the cards at every store in the US which accept Visa and MasterCard cards.

In the next section, we shall see some of the basics of the using the PrepaidGiftBalance Visa and Mastercard and how to check the balance online.

PrepaidGiftBalance Gift Cards

As I have said, you can get the PrepaidGiftBalance Visa Gift Cards in the Visa or MasterCard Variant. Both of them are the same and have pretty much the same features. Before using the card for purchases, you must thoroughly read the terms and conditions or the cardholder agreement from here.

PrepaidGiftBalance Visa Card Mastercard

Below are some of the key features of the Prepaid Gift Card.

  • You can use the PrepaidGiftBalance cards anywhere in the US.
  • All the stores which accept MasterCard and Visa Cards also accept these Gift Cards.
  • The card is activated right after it is activated and you can start using it right after that.
  • You won’t be able to use the card at an ATM for getting cash.
  • PrepaidGiftBalance Visa cards are accepted anywhere in the US but not outside the US.
  • The Online Login Portal allows you to check the balance on your card.

Now, we shall see how you can Log in and view your remaining balance.

  • Visit the official PrepaidGiftBalance Login Portal from here.
  • Once there, enter your card number and password into the Login field and hit “Login”.
  • It will verify the details and show you your transaction history.
  • If this is your first time, then sign up for an account in the “First Time User” Window.

With the PrepaidGiftBalance Login portal, you will be able to view your entire transaction history and also how much balance you have remaining.

This brings us to the end of this discussion on PrepaidGiftBalance Visa Card Mastercard. I hope that you have understood the concept of the Gift Card properly and thoroughly. If you need any more help, then you can check out the other articles on Prepaid Gift Balance.